16 Best 60% Keyboards for Coding in 2022⌨

Coding involves long hours of typing in front of your computer, so it’s important to choose the right keyboard to keep you comfortable and efficient while you work. You’ll want to pay close attention to the amount of force required to press each key, as this will make a big difference in how much fatigue you feel after eight hours at your desk, and whether you find yourself making typos from accidentally hitting two keys at once. Additionally, you should think about how portable the keyboard is and how easy it is to use with any OS or software you might be using in your coding projects.

1) Filco Majestouch 2 Ninja

10 Best 60% Keyboards for Coding in 2022⌨

With a sleek design, low-profile keys and actuation force of 55g, it’s a perfect keyboard for both gaming and coding. It’s also one of our favorite backlit keyboards around. (Click here to see full review) A good keyboard can make or break your coding experience. The right set of keys on your fingers can make tedious tasks fly by, while an uncomfortable or improperly designed board will only slow you down. Here we’ll take a look at 10 different keyboards aimed specifically at coders. We searched high and low for some of the best boards out there—from wildly affordable to pricy specialty models—so whether you prefer speed over style or vice versa, there’s bound to be something in here that tickles your fancy. Check ‘em out below!

2) Rosewill RK-9000V2 Mechanical Keyboard

10 Best 60% Keyboards for Coding in 2022⌨

This keyboard is a solid choice for programming, coding and writing, thanks to its comfortable key switches and quiet design. If you’re looking for an affordable board that delivers high-quality typing performance, then check out Rosewill’s RK-9000V2. Read on to learn more about why it makes our list of best keyboards for coders. It comes with a USB cable, which isn’t much different from other boards. The keys are smooth, responsive and allow users to type quickly while feeling confident they won’t lose their place when moving around in documents. While it’s not backlit, there are few complaints regarding visibility during late-night or dimly lit sessions.

3) Das Keyboard 4 Professional

10 Best 60% Keyboards for Coding in 2022⌨

It’s a pricey option, but Das Keyboard 4 Professional Mechanical Keyboard is one of those rare items that you can buy and use every day for years to come and say, You know what? I still love it. The quality built into each keyboard is worth every penny, which explains why it has become a favorite of professional coders. With its no-frills design and impressive functionality, even typing pros who have tried other boards have found themselves going back to their Das.

There are loads of different colors (the review unit was black), although it’s important to note that not all colors are available in every size—if you want red or blue, make sure to get large or extra-large. A sturdy piece of equipment with few moving parts makes Das surprisingly resilient against spills; any liquid will drain through an enormous hole at bottom.

4) Ducky One 2 Mini Pure White – RGB LED 60% 

10 Best 60% Keyboards for Coding in 2022⌨

If you’re looking for a fully-featured mechanical keyboard that also looks great, then you should check out Ducky’s One 5 2 . The keyboard has a tactile Cherry MX Blue switches, which offers a great deal of resistance and a crisp actuation. There are five settings you can select with regards to how hard or soft your key presses will be: Soft, Medium, Hard, User customized and Off.

You can even combine those five settings if you so choose to create a combination of your own! There are three backlight colors available—red, blue, or purple—and each one can be customized independently. It supports Windows 8/8.1/7/Vista/XP and both Mac OS X and Linux operating systems as well. It features support for multiple languages including English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

5) Razer BlackWidow Ultimate 2016 Edition

10 Best 60% Keyboards for Coding in 2022⌨

The Razer BlackWidow Ultimate is a gaming keyboard with mechanical switches which offers ten programmable keys, individually configurable backlighting, on-the-fly macro recording and media controls. The lighting is customizable and it even offers profiles which you can use to customize your settings according to what you’re doing at that time.

It features a USB pass-through and detachable palm rest. This model is plug and play but it also has support for syncing via Razer Synapse 2.0 software. One of its best features is that it comes in several colors so you can choose something fashionable that matches your taste as well as functional. Available from Amazon for $86 .99 . It has received 4 out of 5 stars based on almost 3200 customer reviews at Amazon. (A1381 Black Widow Keyboard) Game Max GMX170 Gaming Keyboard: This keyboard offers smooth touch feeling and shining LED lights while offering total immersion into gameplay sessions.

6) Matias Ergo Pro

10 Best 60% Keyboards for Coding in 2022⌨

The Matias Ergo Pro is a mechanical keyboard that gives you what many users say is a better layout than Apple’s own keyboard. A full-size keyboard with no number pad, it still has arrow keys and function keys so you can use it as both an external keyboard and on your computer.

The concave keycaps make typing more comfortable, and it includes media controls so you don’t have to switch between devices to control your music or podcasts. It also comes in multiple colors (including Mac-friendly white). You’ll pay quite a bit extra over other models, but if you want a great mechanical keyboard with some nice extras, this one is worth considering. It may take some time to get used to, especially if you come from another brand (and especially if you’re used to the feel of laptop keyboards), but once you do it will change how fast and effectively you type—with few tradeoffs.

7) G.SKILL KM360 Professional Tenkeyless

10 Best 60% Keyboards for Coding in 2022⌨

The G.SKILL KM360 Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboard is a stylish tenkeyless keyboard that features low-profile chiclet keys and anti-ghosting functionality. It has two USB ports and supports multimedia keys, making it more versatile than most mechanical keyboards. The KM360 is available in a few different backlight color options, too: red, blue, purple or green.

This model isn’t wireless, but it does come with an included 6’ cable. It also comes with a keycap puller and can be easily cleaned by rinsing under water. Like most tenkeyless models, its size makes it ideal for travel and office use without taking up too much space on your desk. Reviewers are generally pleased with their purchase; many note that they feel more comfortable using their computer after switching to this model from other layouts.

8) Das Keyboard 4 Professional with Cherry MX Blue switches

10 Best 60% Keyboards for Coding in 2022⌨

Das Keyboard’s flagship model, with blank keycaps, is an excellent choice if you’re looking to step up your coding game. The Das 4 comes equipped with Cherry MX Blue switches, which are clicky and satisfyingly tactile. If you tend to hit more than one key at a time while typing—we all do it sometimes—the Blue switches will let you know right away when something goes awry.

Many reviewers say they prefer them over other alternatives like Cherry MX Red or Brown, even though they require a little bit of getting used to; if you want a keyboard that feels great under your fingers right out of the box (or rather, out of its box-shaped case), then these might be what you’re looking for. They also come in either 104-, 105-, or 107-key models, depending on how many keys you need.

9) Logitech G610 Orion Red Backlit Mechanical Keyboard

10 Best 60% Keyboards for Coding in 2022⌨

Another great option is Logitech’s G610 Orion. A mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX Red switches and red LED backlighting, it has an MSRP of $129 but can often be found at lower prices. Like other mechanical keyboards on our list, it comes with a numeric keypad and dedicated media controls. It also features additional programmable keys, as well as six-key rollover anti-ghosting technology that prevents unexpected keypresses or double actions when typing.

The G610 also uses USB pass-through technology so you can plug in up to three devices without sacrificing a port. It may not quite have all of the bells and whistles of some other options on our list, but it offers full functionality in both gaming and productivity environments that will keep your workday moving right along.

10) SteelSeries Apex M800 Mech QS1 Switch Cherry MX

10 Best 60% Keyboards for Coding in 2022⌨

The Apex M800’s durability and tactile feedback are a boon to professional gamers, but its cost puts it out of reach for most users. If you want pro-level performance but can live without RGB lighting, consider the Apex M800. We had no problem with accidental keystrokes while gaming—our errors were all on purpose! The Cherry MX switches make typing on the keyboard a pleasure—and they don’t make much noise at all.

Some keys have rubber nubs on them to aid with grip; we didn’t find them especially useful, but your mileage may vary depending on how quickly your fingers move across keys when you type. Overall, our biggest complaint is that some of the secondary function buttons require you to hold down function (Fn) plus another button in order to get access to your chosen setting. This means a lot more hand movement than we would prefer while typing or gaming.

11) Logitech K845ch Mechanical with Cherry MX

10 Best 60% Keyboards for Coding in 2022⌨

The K845ch is an excellent option for coders and programmers. Logitech’s keyboards are known to be high quality, and thus you can expect a keyboard that won’t fail you in your coding endeavors. This particular model has mechanical switches, which will allow users to increase their productivity since they are more responsive and longer lasting than membrane alternatives.

What’s more, its adjustable backlighting will illuminate your keys and keep them visible in low-light conditions. Plus, it looks good, too! Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Stealth Edition Gaming Keyboard: If you have any concerns about price or comfortability of keys, then look no further.

12) Keychron K2 Wireless Bluetooth/USB Wired Mechanical Keyboard

10 Best 60% Keyboards for Coding in 2022⌨
Keychron K2 Wireless

This is one of those products that looks good and works great. A mechanical keyboard with a touchpad, 20 multimedia keys, backlit keys and much more, you are going to fall in love with it as soon as you use it. With its portable design and lightweight nature, you can place it wherever you want. Being wireless means that there will be no hassle related to wires or even a USB connection (if you choose wired). There is also a keycap puller for easier cleaning of your keyboard.

You will have access to all 128-key functionalities through either Bluetooth or USB connectivity. The keyboard has passed military drop tests and high-pressure/high-intensity tests too; hence, your investment should last a long time. The layout is not available in any other product in its price range. You won’t get anything better than that unless you spend triple on some sort of gaming keyboard from brands like Logitech or Razer.

Check out a few more best mechanical keyboards at crazybings.

13) Cherry MX Board 3.0 S – Wired Mechanical Keyboard

10 Best 60% Keyboards for Coding in 2022⌨
13) Cherry MX Board 3.0 S – Wired Mechanical Keyboard

This is one of Amazon’s most popular mechanical keyboards, with more than 3,600 reviews and a 4.3-star rating. It features white LED backlighting (it also comes in black), rubber domes for quiet operation and tactile feedback on each key press, three backlight brightness levels and five repeat rate settings. You can get yours today for $129.99. We liked it because its keys have a very solid action with no noticeable noise even when typing rapidly.

The keyboard also has full n-key rollover via USB—meaning all your presses are registered regardless of how many other keys are being pressed at once—and includes six extra gaming keys that have customizable functions via Cherry’s software. Overall, we thought it felt sturdy and was comfortable to type on.

14) Apple Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad

10 Best 60% Keyboards for Coding in 2022⌨
Apple Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad

Apple’s Wireless Keyboard is a classic, but it lacks a numeric keypad. This handy keyboard fixes that problem and can save you time if you do a lot of data entry (like number-crunching) when coding. Apple’s Magic Keyboard connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to your computer, is spill-resistant, and uses low-energy technology to conserve battery life. It also has customizable controls so you can change how it works based on what software you’re using and make sure your most common shortcuts are at your fingertips. The only downside: It doesn’t have an off switch. You have to unplug it to turn it off—but then again, its wireless design means you don’t need one!

15) RK ROYAL KLUDGE RK61 Wired 60% Keyboard

10 Best 60% Keyboards for Coding in 2022⌨
15) RK ROYAL KLUDGE RK61 Wired 60% Keyboard

The ROYAL KLUDGE RK61 is a superb keyboard at a steal of a price. If you want to try out that 60% layout without breaking the bank, we highly recommend it. The keys are programmable, which allows for some fun additions in customizing your layout.

This is an excellent choice if you have already decided on 60% and want to see what else is out there, or are still deciding what kind of mechanical keyboard you would like to purchase as your first/next one. In either case, don’t overlook this board. Your eyes will thank you, especially when it comes time to type. Recommended Accessories: RAECKER Mouse Pad (RK-MP005), RAECKER Keyboard Wrist Rest (RK-WRS006)

THE KEYCHAIN Mechanical Keyboard 60%: Packing a lot of punch into its minimal frame size, THE KEYCHAIN Mechanical Keyboard keeps things simple and easy to use with just the right mix of features at just under $60USD!

16) Kraken Pro 60

10 Best 60% Keyboards for Coding in 2022⌨

The Kraken Pro 60 from WASD is an excellent all-around board that offers everything that would ever be needed in any type of programming environment. It has RGB lighting built into each key switch which allows complete customization of color, effects, etc. It also has dedicated macro keys on both sides as well as media keys and some convenient access keys so there’s less pressing required overall. All things considered, there isn’t much more one could ask for in a keyboard! This is an outstanding option for just about anyone who uses their keyboard frequently. Whether coding, writing scripts, blogging/writing reviews/articles, or doing anything else at a computer regularly, it doesn’t get much better than WASD’s very own offering.

Final Words

Most coders use a keyboard day in and day out to accomplish their tasks, so it’s important to have a good one. Here are some of our favorites! Which do you like best?
The Ninja Ripper SP is great if you want a mechanical keyboard but don’t want anything too crazy looking. The subdued design gives way to a solid typing experience with clicky switches and great tactile feedback.

There are many great options when it comes to choosing a keyboard, but it’s important to decide what your needs are before purchasing. Although most keyboards have similar features and can be used interchangeably with no real issues, certain keyboards may meet certain needs better than others. If you like your keyboard and it doesn’t negatively impact your work, stick with it! However, if you don’t love your current setup or if you find yourself switching back and forth between different boards constantly, then it might be time to upgrade.