10 Best Voice Quality Cell Phones In 2022

One of the neglected factors while purchasing a phone is voice quality. However, you put a hawk-eye on the display, processor, memory, front and rear camera, and plethora of other specifications aligning with your needs.

But when it comes to the audio of a cell phone, you set it aside, thinking it is non-essential, resulting in a poor audio experience that makes you feel you’re done with your brand new phone.

When we talk with our friends after a long time, we all have been there, promptly experiencing weird noises or poor audio, distracting the perfect convo and spoiling both; you and your mood. 

What Things Should You Consider?

When you’re on the way to grab the phone, consider voice quality along with other mobile features that can save you from the awful experience when you get in touch with someone on the phone. Podcast enthusiasts, music lovers, and Netflix freaks will always require good voice quality so they can soothe themselves whenever and wherever they want with no-hassle.

However, how can you identify the phone you’re getting does contain the right audio? The market is flooded with numerous voguish cell phones day after day. Most of you get confused, and end up getting the wrong cell phone because, most probably, you’re unfamiliar with identifying whether the phone you’re investing in has good voice quality or not. Despite this, we have simplified it by listing down the features, helping  you to spot your cell phone’s voice quality. 

Let’s figure it out! 

Cell Phone Size

When you’re looking for a cell phone with the best voice quality cell phone voice quality, then the first thing you should consider is the size.

Thinking why? We use mobile phones each day for numerous hours, sometimes to chit-chat with loved ones or sometimes to entertain ourselves by playing games or surfing the internet. Due to high daily usage, consider getting a cell phone that is easy to use and light in weight. So, you can enjoy using it whenever you want, without feeling tired. 

Display Quality  

Another factor to consider when you want to get the best voice quality cell phone is to check the display quality. There are plenty of features that make or break the display quality, such as resolution, brightness, response time, contrast ratio, and ratio. Focusing on all these features will help you to get the great experience that a person can desire. 

Signal Reception

Signal reception refers to the power that a cell catches from the network provider. It is always good to grab a phone that supports the latest 5G reception network. Reception signals make or break the quality of your phone. With the newest reception technology, you can experience the great voice while talking with your loved ones on the phone. 

Internet Signals Speed

We were used to calling our friends by a simple call; however, with the revolution of android phones, we quickly switched from simple calls and messages to internet calls and instant messaging, resulting in our convenience. But to experience a call without any distraction, a good internet connection with an excellent speed is required, as these calls are directly dependent upon the internet speed.

More Factors to Consider

Other factors while buying a cell for good voice quality experience, going through the list of features that we have mentioned below, will help you to evaluate the one that provides you the best sound quality:

  1. Headphone jack
  2. High-bitrate support
  3. Good microphone array
  4. Excellent Audio Processor
  5. Front speaker 
  6. Bluetooth codecs
  7. System-level equalizer
  8. Dual device transmission chip


Nowadays, we all have a plethora of data such as documents, images, videos, messages, and plenty of other things on our phones. To save it rightly, you should have sufficient storage space; otherwise, be prepared to lose the data if your storage space is not enough to secure your data. Low-range mobiles contain 64GB, whereas high-range mobiles come with 128 GB to 512 GB. 

Battery Timing

How can you forget to check the battery timing of the cell phone? Though plenty of things matter when buying a cell phone, however, battery timing is the one that we can’t keep your eyes away. Because without it, your mobile will not survive for average hours.

Ignoring it can result in you ending up buying a cell phone with poor battery performance. Low-end phones contain up to 6 hours, whereas high-end mobile phones have 8+ hours of battery life.

Considering battery life is important, it doesn’t matter whether you use a cell phone less or you’re a heavy user. Looking for battery timing will surely save you from facing an unexpected dead battery. 


The camera is another feature that is a crucial need in our today’s life. Latest phones have made it easier for us to take shots wherever and whenever you want.

However, most of the latest cameras provide you the best picture quality. But it’s better to understand that chasing against megapixels will not work for you. Instead, focusing on the sensor sizes alone can enable you to pick the cell phone with the right camera.

But it doesn’t mean each of the cell phones that we have discussed below needs to contain all of the above discussed features instead, the following mobile phones comes up with the great voice quality:

LG V60 ThinQ

If your main focus is to get, then let us present you with LG V60 ThinQ. It is one of the best phones, released in 2020. It comes with specifications that are perfectly aligned with the needs that an audiophile can imagine.

LG is one of the topmost manufacturers of modern-day cell phones, and when it comes to supplying wired audio, it always wins. Despite this, it comes with a headphone jack, which is another plus point, just like multiple high-end phones. Additionally, it contains Quad-DAC, which takes the phone’s audio and provides much better audio performance. 

But does it take the audio to a whole new level? 

The Quad-DAC changes the digital into analog signals that run your headphone drivers. Moreover, Bluetooth headphones also contain DAC. It includes a quad that means it works in four different directions that are later crossed to deduct the fallacy, resulting in the rise of signals that enables you to receive a clear voice.

With its great headphone amp, you become able to listen to better high audio. Its internal amplifier allows you to experience great sound performance. 

best voice quality cell phone

The drawbacks are its bottom-firing speakers that are just “fine” and average battery life. But you may be thinking, why are we recommending this phone? We recommend it because most of its users aren’t going to rely on their front-facing speakers; instead, they use mostly headphone jack, and due to this, it is not a big drawback at all. Lastly, It is an all-around great cell phone equipped with perfect specifications, but if your major concern is great voice quality.  

Headphone JackQuad-DAC 32-bit, 384kHz filesapt HD supportAverage Battery life Bottom firing speakers
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Samsung Galaxy S20

Likewise, every year, Samsung surprises us by releasing another exciting series of cell phones in 2020. Samsung Galaxy S20 is integrated with the latest 5G technology and numerous features such as an upgraded camera and remarkable display that a person can desire.

It is slimmed in size and contains a mirror finish look that comes up with the color options such as Cosmic blue, grey, and pink; however, it doesn’t have the same rounded edge corners, just like the previous model known as S10. Moreover, it’s rear camera pops up behind the setup panel like iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 pro. 

best voice quality cell phone

If we talk about its screen size, it is big and provides you the best screen and display experience; even one can use it just with one hand. It contains a great 4000mAh battery that enables you to rely on your cell phone for a long time.

And due to this, it is perfect for heavy users. For charging, you can use its powerful wireless charger with 25W making your phone charge much quicker, which is a plus point that can save your time when you’re in a hurry. 

The Samsung S20 is integrated with multiple latest audio features. Though we are already big fans of Samsung’s S series, we considered the S20 as one of the cell phones that provides excellent audio quality.

It is equipped with the latest audio features, frequency, and range. You can also enjoy it by listening to your favorite podcasts and music to its fullest because of its strong Bluetooth headphones. With that said, this might be the right choice for you if you need a cell phone with easy interference, smooth display, and the best quality, all in one place. 

Excellent audio qualityNumerous new features such as 5G and 120Hz refresh rate.Natural screenJust a minor upgrade over S10
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Apple iPhone SE

Apple is back here with another latest model of iPhone SE, released in 2020. The original series was launched way back in 2016. This series’s idea was to provide a great experience to most users without hefty prices, and it became successful.

This model appeals to those who want to experience the iPhone at a nominal cost. Despite this, it comes with an attractive screen and three color options; red, black, and white. It is equipped with high-performance processors enabling you to get the best user experience. 

best voice quality cell phone

Though you get the iPhone taste at an easy price; but be prepared to compromise on the battery limit because when you binge Netflix non-stop straight for multiple hours with high brightness and volume, then its charging might get to end quickly and require frequent plugins when compared to its previous or latest fellow models. In addition to this, it has the same camera, just like the iPhone XR.  

It doesn’t support Dolby Atmos, but it comes with colorful earbuds providing you the enhanced sound quality. Its built-in speakers transfer great quality of sound; it doesn’t matter whether you’re watching your favorite show or just enjoying music.

If you want to experience more good sound quality, then use the headphone instead. We can say it provides the best voice quality cell phone and multiple features at a lower price than its previous and current pricy models. 

Musical soundDetailed soundExcellent built qualityThe camera doesn’t work perfectly in dim light.Battery life can be improved.
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Sony Xperia 1 II

Sony is back here with another latest Sony Xperia 1 II phone, but this time they played it smart by introducing it and the 3.5mm headphone jack allowing you to enjoy better audio. Though it is a bit pricey and bulky when you grab it into your hand, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t add value.

With its high-quality 4k screen, you can binge Netflix and surf the internet endlessly. Besides this, it is perfect for music and beat enthusiasts or enjoys listening to a podcast while working by turning the speakers on; however, you will surely get back to the headphone jack for a great listening experience. 

Despite this, it has surprised and become the topmost high-end phone equipped with a camera that doesn’t disappoint you when you take out some shots by providing you with great snaps. Sony has enhanced the Xperia 1 II camera.

It contains amazing camera software that captures breath-taking pictures all alone on its own. With that said, though it is high-end and heavy in weight, due to these minor drawbacks, you can not deny its numerous remarkable features. 

Great battery timingAttractive display3.55mm headphone jackA bit priceyHeavy
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Google Pixel 4a

The Google Pixel 4a is here in the market, and all we can say; is it is equipped with a headphone jack likewise its previous model, Google Pixel 3a. It is a standout cell phone as it contains the best quality of cell phones, making it a perfect phone to play music. Despite this, it has stereo speakers. 

best voice quality cell phone

When used, it doesn’t make noise, except it provides a great audio experience due to its decent-bass and mid-bass, allowing you to enjoy the audio, podcast, or whatever you like to listen to its fullest. In a nutshell, Google pixel 4a delivers the best quality of the display, voice, screen, and smooth software at the best price. 

Solid speakersHeadphone jack No bundled earbuds

One Plus 8 Pro

The One Plus 8 Pro is from one of those handsets offered by the One Plus company. It has tried its best to meet its goal, mainly providing flagship cell phones to the audience compared to its multiple premium handsets developers such as Samsung and Apple.

With One Plus 8 Pro, you can point out its camera quality. Moreover, when we talk about its screen, then it has the widest screen up to this date comparatively from the previous ones. 

Its screen is 6.78Inc, which is still slightly bigger than its One plus’s previous model OnePlus 7 Pro. It comes with an AMOLED display, supporting QHD+ resolution meaning that it has a super-responsive and perfect screen.

However, it misses out on sound from its competitor Samsung Galaxy S20. However, it still steals the show with its stereo speakers that are quite impressive that provide you with a much clearer and louder sound. It does support 5G too. 

Super-responsive and smooth screenHigh-quality cameraWireless chargerSupports 5G Audio Quality is not that Good as compared to its rivals. 
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Apple iPhone 11

Apple released it’s iPhone 11 in 2019. However, its design doesn’t surprise us as it is similar to the previous ones. Though it misses some of the features such as camera quality, battery life, and screen technology that the iPhone 11 Pro contains, it is here with various other upgraded features that make it more appealing.

The mid-tier iPhone has made it easier for you to enjoy the iPhone at a cost-effective price. 

Despite this, it is equipped with a new camera and contains extraordinary battery life. It’s built-in speakers work perfectly fine when you’re listening to your favorite show or podcast on it. To soothe your music buds, you can use either wireless earbuds or headphones that provide you the best value at this nominal price.  

Great priceBest audio qualityEnhanced cameraGood battery lifeThe OLED screen is missingThe design is quite similar to the previous models.
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Samsung Galaxy S10+

Samsung has surprised us by releasing three models of S10 phones on its 10th anniversary. When it comes to its camera, it stands out with its triple rear and double back camera.

It is the most expensive yet powerful handset that beats its rivals by giving you the experience that you haven’t come across as it supports OLED Display that can play HDR+ video. Despite this, it also supports Dolby Atmos audio. You can see the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor at the bottom of the screen, allowing you to unlock your phone with just one touch. 

It contains a front and rear camera, a powerful 4100mAh battery, and a 3.5mm headphone jack. Needless to say, When it comes to S10+, it’s a perfect android cell phone; if you’re looking for a handset that comes up with a remarkable display, slim and smart in size yet huge-screen, along with great voice quality then, it can fulfill your requirements.

Still, it needs improvements as its sensor and design need an upgrade that you can see in Samsung’s latest models. 

Excellent video quality
All-inclusive audio
3.5mm Dolby Atmos
High-end display sensor & design needs some enhancement. 
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Apple iPhone 12 Pro

Apple is again here with another latest iPhone 12 series. We have picked up the iPhone 12 Pro as it is equipped with some greater features that boost the voice quality. The iPhone contains all of the iPhone 11; however, It has the same yet enhanced specifications. When it comes to its sound, it has the most advanced inner-speaker allowing you to enjoy the quality music and sound. 

best voice quality cell phone

It is equipped with Dolby Atmos that plays a big role in providing you with quality sound when using it. It does support wireless headphones. You can pair its headphones to chipsets such as H! And W1. We get disappointed a little bit as when you get an iPhone 12Pro; you don’t have the option to use a headphone jack. 

Top-tier inner-speakersIt does support wireless headphones.No headphone jack
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Razor Phone 2

Believe it or not, Razor Phone 2’s display is quite similar and expensive as compared to its previous ones. Though it’s not new in that the newly released mobile precise is higher than ever before.

The phone’s display is just okay as some may find its boxy structure odd, or it may appeal to most of you, so we’ll call it okay; however, the plus point of its display is that it makes it easier for mobile gaming. 

Despite this, it has the most high-end speaker. To make it perform better, you can identify space on the upper and lower side of the screen, allowing your speakers to work more efficiently and convey the sound louder and crisper.

With its great free space for the speaker case, you can listen to the lucid audio. The only drawback we noticed in Razer Phone 2 is that it doesn’t contain a headphone jack.  

The proper stereo balance between drivers.High-end speakersBoxed DisplayNo headphone jack
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Although all phones contain features that allow you to enjoy the great quality of sound, however, there are some latest cell phones containing specifications that take your calling, music, and overall audio experience to the next level that we have mentioned above, so you can pick the best out of them based on features that suit you best.


Q1: How to enhance the calling experience?

A: To make your calling experience better, check your phone settings, use stereo headphones, or reset the volume pump settings.