5 Best VR Headsets Under $50 in 2021

Virtual reality has undoubtedly transformed the way we look into things and view things on our devices. It’s incredible to live in a make-believe world where almost everything seems to be beyond imagination. Virtual reality offers us all the possibilities of making things happen; we can’t even think of happening in the real world. We live in the moment.

If you are looking for VR Headset on a low budget or best VR under $50, then the good news is that you can quickly go back to the basics, and you can still find good and quality VR headsets under this price. The bellow mentioned VR headsets are better than some overprice Headsets, which are still quite popular.

With virtual reality headsets, you could experience and enjoy playing games, watching videos, and many more. Many companies like Apple might not have designed VR headsets of their own, but you should know that other great models are compatible with iPhones and Andriod. Keep reading to find out the best VR under $50.

What to look for in best VR under $50?

No doubt there are a lot of VR headsets in the market at low prices and with features. With a lot of variety and a low budget, you need to pick out the best one, and it surely can be a difficult task.

In the article, you will look for the best VR under $50 and what you need in a best VR headset, and some essential features to look for before buying.

These are the best VR headsets under $50;

  1. Pansonite 3d VR headset
  2. Google Daydream View
  3. Google Cardboard
  4. Samsung Gear VR
  5. Merge VR Goggles

Requirements for VR

Firstly, when looking for the best and cheap VR headset under 50$, you need to keep that in mind that these headsets will not have their screens. It means that your Smartphone will be the screen. Your smartphone screen will be your virtual reality, which means you are not looking into the CPU speed and game compatibility for the VR headsets.

  • The VR headset will provide you following things based on your Smartphone.
  • Lenses for the 3D view
  • A proper way which can block out all the light and peripheral distractions
  • Probably headphones
  • A way in which to hold the phone in front of your face

What Important Features to look for in a Budget VR Headset

Compatibility with your Smartphone

Since you are looking for the best VR headset under a low budget and using the VR headset with your Smartphone, you should confirm if your Smartphone Is compatible with the VR headset you are going to buy. It would be best if you looked for this compatibility.

Unfortunately, most of all, the low-budget VR headsets come with adjustable containers, which can only fix few typical phone sizes. You will need to check and confirm if you will need to remove the phone case to use it with the headset. So it’s better to check everything before buying so you can avoid any extra step.


Looking for a low-budget VR headset doesn’t mean that you buy something with low-quality. Budget VR headsets are not made with low quality; there are good quality headsets available at a low budget with high durability.


If anything can distract you and pull you out, which you are in your VR experience, it’s discomfort. The VR headset is the device that will be strapped to your head and be sitting on your face. It is imperative that the headset’s strap be lightweight, adjustable, and should conform to your head’s proper shape. The foam, which usually forms padding around the eyes, needs to be highly thick and breathable; the foams’ fabric needs to be soft and light.

Adjustable Lenses

All human beings are created differently; some people’s eyes are further away from each other than other people, some people are nearsighted, and some are farsighted. Best VR headset under 50$ will allow you to adjust the distance between the lenses and the length of the lenses they make from your eyes. If there won’t be any adjustability, the image won’t be precise, which can also cause headaches and eye strain.

Opening for your Smartphones Camera

All the Augmented reality apps use your phone’s camera, so if you want to run any AR-based applications while using your VR headset, you will need to make sure that the headset you buy should have an opening focus.

Immersive Audio

If you are looking for best VR under $50, you need to find the ones with high sound quality. Some of the VR headsets have built-in headphones fr the audio, and some don’t. If the headsets you are going to buy do not have the headphones, then make sure of this thing that has an opening to run a wire for your headphones that you can plug in later on.

Peripheral Blocking

Best VR under $50 should be best in every possible way. If the headset you are buying does not effectively block all the outside light and noise, it can surely ruin your Virtual Reality experience. So look for a VR headset that blocks all the external light as much as possible.

Additional Controller

Most headphones come with a remote/controller through which you can play games and many more. Under a low budget, you can also find such good Headsets to make your experience way better.

Keep all these features in mind before buying your budget VR headset; as you look for a low-priced VR headset, you need to e able to find one which gives you the best VR experience. Making it easier for you, here are some best VR for under $50, which you can buy.

5 Best VR Under $50

Pansonite 3D VR headset

best VR under $50

Pasonite is a good company when it comes to Tech and, more specifically to Headsets. Pasonite 3D VR headset stands out to be one of the best VR under $50, which are the best and complete valuable budget models. Its actual cost is less than 40$, making this product best for users searching for a VR headset under quality and quantity.

This 3D VR headset is designed with leather and sponge padding, making it comfortable to use and allowing users to use it for a long time. It is made from plastic and resistant resin, which feels very lightweight. This VR headset model has a comfortable ergonomic design with a T-shape strap that users can use to adjust that strap to their head sizes.

Pasonite VR headset is one of the best VR headsets; it has unique features compared to other Headsets and its low price. It has a deepened nasal bridge that gives you space and room to breathe comfortably. The heat dissipation mode helps prevent the sudden outburst of fog. 4 AAA batteries power the VR headset and can also be powered by connecting it to a wall power source.

It is one of the best VR under $50 as it includes an intelligent remote control similar to the Super Nintendo controller. This is the only low-budget Vr Headset with this accessibility. It is one of the best cheap VR headsets for pc gaming as it deals with users who are looking to play mobile games, Pc games, and more.

It is compatible with all smartphones, iPhones with screens up to 6.0 or more extensive. When it comes to its performance, this VR headset includes its easy-to-focus lenses, which are adjustable and adjustable pupil distance and the focal distance they are made as these VR headsets are dependent on Smartphones, so the image quality depends on the resolution of the cell phone, but these high definition lenses produce an impeccable 3D aspheric image.Pros

  • • Extremely comfortable
  • • It can be used for a long time
  • • Lenses with wide view angle
  • • Controller for gamming


  • • Controller not compatible with certain iPhones
  • • Uses apps that are not explicitly designed for it

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Google Daydream View

best VR under $50

Google Daydream View headset is one of the best VR under $50. It is one of the best VR Headsets, which Google releases. It was designed with a high price of almost 100$, but many retailers sell it for less. You can find Google Daydream View VR headset under 50-45$.

Like all other low-cost headsets, the Google Daydream View is a lightweight and impressively developed headset. But here, the weight of the cell phone is undoubtedly noticeable, which means that it can put pressure on your neck, head and be uncomfortable for you after 30-40 minutes of continuous use. But besides all this, the headset is made up of a soft fabric that feels comfortable and light on the user’s face.

It has two full straps which move all around your head. The straps made are not that comfortable, but they make sure that the headset is in place.

Google Daydream View is one of the best cheap VR headsets for pc gaming as it includes a small point-and-click controller. The controller is helpful and exciting in many ways; it allows the user to control specific menus, apps, and games. Although this controller doesn’t have positional tracking, you can use it for relative motions. It is a handy accessory by google Daydream View when you are watching movies, playing games, and many more.

The image quality of Google Daydream View is a fantastic headset. However, it still is only compatible with a few of the smartphones, which includes Asus ZenFone AR, Google Pixel / Google Pixel XL, Google Pixel 2 / Google Pixel 2 XL, Huawei Mate 9 Pro, Motorola Moto Z, Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and, ZTE Axon 7.

Google Daydream View is one of the best VR under $50, and it performs well as it uses the DreamView app, which is only available in all the smartphones mentioned above. There are many Apps and Games present; Google continuously works and expands the headset’s apps.Pros

  • • Comfortable Material used
  • • Remote controller
  • • Amazing image quality
  • • All the Exclusive Apps and Games are not available for other VR Headsets


  • • Uncomfortable Straps
  • • Only compatible with a few Daydream-ready Andriod phones

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Google Cardboard

best VR under $50

If you are looking for an affordable VR headset and do not want to spend a lot of money on a VR headset, Google Cardboard can be your best choice. It is one of the best VR Headsets for under 50$. It is made of AAA corrugated paper, the quality of the paper is superior. It also includes lenses, Velcro, magnets, and yes, a rubber band that helps to hold the Smartphone in place. You would be surprised by the quality which you are going to get at such a low price.

The design of this budget VR headset consists of a smartphone container with two lenses. It is one of the cheapest and simple Google’s model. This easy and fun to use Google Cardboard costs $15. It is a DIY project, unlike all other VR headsets.

Its building and manufacturing process indeed adds an extra layer of excitement and fun to this deadest. However, this model does not have any straps you can hold around your head, which means you need to retain it with your hands. Some users try to add a self-made belt to the Cardboard, but this is not the original part of the design or the product.

Thousands of units of this product are sold, the Cardboard is unique and is enjoyed, praised by the maximum user all across the world. It has a long strap, suction cups, and a forehead pad. The plus point is that it’s not a big deal what system your cell phone uses; the Google Cardboard is suitable for all.

The Google Cardboard allows you the best Virtual reality through its 37mm focal length; it also has biconvex lenses which support the focal length. You can play games and watch your favorite movies, music, and many more through all this.

The Google cardboard does not include remote controllers, which means it’s not as much exciting. It has a single button only, which allows you to interact with your Smartphone. Users can access and navigate, play some basic games with this Cardboard. The Google cardboard is one of the best VR under $50 as it is compatible with all smartphones. As it is a product of Google, it works well with the Andriod phones but can connect to an iPhone.

It is a lightweight VR headset which means you can carry it anywhere with you. It’s a gaming marathon; your buddy to take anyway, anywhere. The speed and resolution of Google Cardboard will vary as it is dependent on the user’s Smartphone. Pros

  • • Advanced technology with affordable price
  • • Lightweight
  • • DIY project
  • • Compatible with almost all Smartphones
  • • 37mm Focal Length
  • • Suitable for all the needs of VR
  • • Tested more than 80 times


  • • It doesn’t come with detailed instructions
  • • Low quality

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Samsung Gear VR

best VR under $50

The Samsung Gear is one of the best VR under $50 on the market. It is a high-quality product co-created by two techs; Samsung and Oculus work exclusively with all the Samsung Smartphones. The most popular and recent VR model can be found at $100, but the previous version can also be found at around $30-35.

Samsung Gear VR is one of the best out looking and budget VR headsets. It is made of a smooth foam with feels so comfortable on the user’s face, and the user can use it for long hours without any discomfort or leaving any face marks. The head strap is T-shaped, highly comfortable, and the user can easily adjust it for different head sizes accordingly.

Samsung Gear is the best VR headset as its model gives a comprehensive view of an almost 101-degree field. But there are a few edges of the device with let the light seep in, which can cause distraction and disturbance, specifically in daylight. In simple, we can say that Samsung Gear VR headsets have chosen user comfort over the quality of the products to wear it for a more extended period and enjoy their VR experience without any discomfort.

Samsung Gear is impressive in many ways, but it doesn’t include a remote controller, but there is one pus point that the user can buy a remote controller separately for it. Besides, that there are several buttons present on the headset, which includes a “Home “button, touchpad, “Volume,” and “Back” buttons. Users can easily connect smartphones with Samsung Gear VR via USB cable. The USB cable should be a USB-C cable, which most smartphones don’t have, for which users would need to buy an adaptor.

As the Samsung Gear Vr is co-created by Oculus and Samsung, it is a cheap VR headset for pc gaming. This VR headset consists of a large variety of games and apps. Since the VR works with Samsung smartphones, the users can easily download apps and other stuff from Play Store or even from the Oculus store.Pros

  • • Highly Comfortable
  • • Comfortably be used for long periods
  • • Compatible with Play Store and Oculus Store


  • • Only Compatible with Samsung Smartphones
  • • Light enters from edges

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Merge VR Goggles

best VR under $50

Merge VR is one of our top choice, the best budget VR headset 2021. It’s easy to use, and it offers clever features that support different VR experiences, especially for youth, kids, and families. Merge VR goggles are a fantastic option for families and kids; they easy to use, cheap and comfortable, and instead of the Best VR Headset for users Virtual Experience. It can be used more conveniently with mobile devices.

The Interactiveness of any VR headset accounts for almost 40% part in the product. Its ability decides the Interactiveness of any product in tracking the motion. The Merge VR would score a 4 out of 10 in this category. It is one of the best VR under $50 as it sells all across for about $30.

The setup of Merge VR is accessible and user-friendly. You will be easily transported into a new virtual imaginary world. The Merge VR goggles are compatible with Android and iOS devices.

The surface and materials are flexible, but a durable foam substance is also present, which is lightweight, and the plus point is that it is resistant to bumps and dropping. It is a kid-loving or kid-oriented product that is readily available in different colors; all bright colors, unlike all the other VR headsets, usually come only in Black, White or Grey colors.

You can also easily adjust the lens, maintaining your eye distance by sliding the two spring-based buttons mounted on the top. These two buttons also replace the hand controls, so you can interact with them and experience it by pressing down those buttons. It enables you to hold the headset, and you can easily enjoy the dual-controller.

The Merge VR goggles are comfortable and are compatible with almost all Smartphones, specifically iPhones and Andriod phones. It can be used t play many different games and run various apps.Pros

  • • A compatible system with Smart iPad touch
  • • Flexible headset case
  • • iPhone and other Smartphones can easily fit in this system
  • • Sleek packaging; easy to follow instructions
  • • Reversible straps that go around and over the top head and all the straps are easily adjustable
  • • Easy and comfortable mask to wear


  • • Packaging and Advertising are misleading
  • • Limited functions
  • • Straps get uncomfortable after a long period of use
  • • Magnet Buttons are problematic.

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