8 Best Smartwatches for Small Wrist

People love to wear wristwatches, not just for being aware of time but for fashion too. Some people are fond of wristwatches, but many people face problems having a small wrist. We are here to make your search easy with the 8 best smartwatches for small wrists in 2021.

It’s challenging to find smartwatches that fit correctly and comfortably on small wrists, as most of the watches designed in the market are for a large or medium wrist. Smartwatches have many benefits over your beauty, health, time checking, etc. The one who has a  problem with the wrist size can face an issue.

For this, you need to look for the best smartwatch for a small wrist, beneficial and comfortable to wear. Smartwatch for small wrist comes in different brands. But if you are a person who is fond of quality, benefits, and functionality, you need to be extra careful and look for the quality model.

In this article, we will make your search easy by giving you a guide and details regarding the best smartwatch for a small wrist.

List of 8 best smartwatches for small wrist in 2021;

  • Apple Watch Series 3                              
  • Garmin – Vivoactive 4S Smartwatch
  • Amazfit Bip Fitness Smartwatch
  • Fitbit – Ionic Smartwatch
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch Active
  • Fossil Women’s Gen 4 Venture HR
  • LG Andriod smartwatch
  • Movado Connect 2.0

Apple Watch Series 3

best smartwatch for a small wrist

Apple is one of the top brands across the globe. With its Apple watch series three, which is uniquely designed best smartwatch for a small wrist, which can even fit a wrist as little as 5.1 inches.  It best smartwatch for a man with small wrists as it has many benefits, which on the top include monitoring your heart rate and calculate your calories.

With this smartwatch, you can do everything in a go; you can make calls, read messages, set alarms, calculate distance, play and watch your favorite songs with the apple music App. Isn’t that amazing? The blast of this watch doesn’t end here; it comes with a swim-proof, splashproof build. It means you can throw it in water, and it won’t affect you. It has an S3 chip, a dual-core processor that improves its performance by consuming much battery.Pros

  • Later Display
  • Water Proof
  • Emergency SOS
  • Tracking


  • High Price
  • Short battery life

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Garmin – Vivoactive 4S Smartwatch

best smartwatch for a small wrist

Garmin is a high-class brand that has the biggest names in the smartwatch manufacturing industry.  The Vivoactive is the best fitness smartwatch for small wrists, which is not only beneficial in many ways as well as a beautiful and stunning wristwatch.

It is the best smartwatch for the small wrist that comes with a small GPS that keeps track of your health. You can track your energy levels, Pulse, stress, menstrual cycle, sleep, hydration, and many more. It’s a 24/7 wear wristwatch as it’s useful in every mean. It is also known as the best sports watch as it has the Garmin Coach with provides you with training plans. It guides you to improve your game and goals, and you can use the coaching performance to adjust your projects better.

You can connect it through Bluetooth, download Spotify playlists, and more. It is an attractive device with its beautiful gestures and features.Pros

  • Free Coach training
  • Real-time location track
  • Seven-day battery life
  • Smart functions


  • Garmin pay not available globally

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Amazfit Bip Fitness Smartwatch

best smartwatch for a small wrist

If you have small wrists and need a sports smartwatch, then the Amazfit Bip fitness Smartwatch can be your best choice. It is the best smartwatch for a man with small wrists as it keeps track of all the major tasks of a sportsman. You are keeping track of your all-day heart rate, maintaining a workout and sleep routine.

The watch also uses a BioTracker Optical Sensor, which offers high standard sense. The LED luminous intensity much improves the design of the smartwatch. It comes with seamless dual-color technology, which fuses two polycarbonate materials. It also allows your tones, music to ensure lightness and giving an exceptional appearance.

It’s a comfortable and easy-to-wear watch even for the long term; the lattice technology ensures that the entire wristwatch band stays soft, dray and water, dust, dirt resistant. It’s excellent processors which work fast, sensors and also sleekness. It has a battery life of up to 40 days as it consumes less power.Pros

  • Attractive appearance
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Up to 40-day battery life


  • No auto-pause system
  • Messed up the user interface

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Fitbit – Ionic Smartwatch

best smartwatch for a small wrist

If you are fond of wearing smartwatches, but you have a small wrist, and you are a fitness-conscious person, then here is the best choice for you. Fitbit Ionic watch is the best fitness smartwatch for small wrists that can be your best companion with you all the time. This smartwatch can be your coach, maintaining your workout routines, keeping track of timings, runs, rides swims, workouts, and many more.

The built-in GPS keeps tracking your route, distance, speed, and time zones. It is easy and comfortable to wear; it comes with large and small size bands, which are great to fit with your ease. The strap material is not much heavy.

You can stay connected with your favorite apps of sports, songs, weather, and social life. You can also stay connected to your social friends and keep yourself much more comfortable and easy.Pros

  • Sleep analysis
  • Fitness features
  • Strong battery life


  • No always-on display

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Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

best smartwatch for a small wrist

Samsung Galaxy another high standard industry, with the latest galaxy Watch active that is highly reliable and keep you on track of your healthy life. It is one of the best smartwatches for small wrist with people with 5-inch wrists wearing it. It has a beautiful round design that is thin, light, and durable. It’s available in a variety of colors, interchangeable wrist bands that are comfortable to wear.

It analyzes your sleep patterns and sets up a good routine for you. It also has a heart rate sensor, which works quietly, ensuring your life, heart rate keeping your health check. Besides all this, it is also useful for fitness lovers to keep their workout routine in check; it can sync with android and iPhones to connect songs and stay connected through messages.

It’s a waterproof watch with military-grade protection. The battery life is also good, and you can use it for days without charging it. It’s all in one smartwatch.Pros

  • Available in a variety of colors Lightweight and durable
  • Interchangeable bands
  • Long-lasting battery life


  • Only compatible with select Bluetooth- capable smartphones

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Fossil Women’s Gen 4 Venture HR

best smartwatch for a small wrist

Women also love to wear a smartwatch, and probably women are more affected by having a small wrist. For all those looking for an exceptional, attractive, especially women-styled small smartwatch, then the Fossil Gen 4 Venture is the best choice. It is one of the best smartwatches for a small wrist powered by Google and is compatible with Andriod and iPhone smartphones.

It helps to keep in track your fitness, routine, and health rate. It is waterproof and swim-proof, which allows you to keep track of your calories and heart rate while you are swimming. It keeps you in style with its 13 different strap variants, which you can wear according to your dress color, style, business meeting, date, or any other occasion.

This beautiful small round smartwatch is also equipped with other features, including GPS (Keeping in track and sensing), calling, texting, alarms, music, notifications, fitness tracker, and many more. This small designed device manages your whole day routine with ease.Pros

  • Convenient touchscreen smartwatch
  • Interchangeable wrist bands
  • Unique Design
  • Modern Technology
  • Customizable dial


  • High price
  • 24-hours battery life

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LG Andriod smartwatch

best smartwatch for a small wrist

LG is another top-rated company when it comes to the digital side. The LG Andriod watch is the best smartwatch for a small wrist. Though it’s in a rectangular display, which is quite taller than other usual watches, it is one of the thinnest smartwatches, with a depth slightly below 10mm.

It is compatible with android 4.3 or even higher. It keeps in track all your records and data, giving you instant access to emails, texts, voice, and many more. It has many features with a good battery life, GPS which keeps track and record.

You can set your routine, keep in check of your health and daily routine tasks. You can also do your fun-loving activities like listening to music, watching videos and a lot more. Its voice command feature is useful, which allows you to get fast answers to your questions and guiding you.

Most people love its Sleek, elegant, decent appearance. It has standard sizes, adjustable wrist bands, easy and comfortable to wear. It looks nice and is an excellent choice for people interested in slim screen smartwatches.Pros

  • Water-resistant
  • Interchangeable Bands
  • Instant information access
  • Voice Command feature


  • Android only
  • Low battery life

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Movado Connect 2.0

best smartwatch for a small wrist
Movado Connect 2.0 (PRNewsfoto/Movado Group, Inc.)

The Movado connect 2.0 is the best smartwatch for a man with small wrists that looks impressive on wrists. It’s lightweight, easy to access, and with many features smartwatch which helps you keep your full day on track. It keeps track of most of your daily life routine. It comes with HRM, GPS, accelerometer, and others, which helps you stay in fitness, keeping track of your steps, distance.

It also keeps you in check with your healthy life, your sleep cycle, heart rate, and daily routine. It is designed in a way to keep you connected to all the matters of life and never to miss any updates with texting, voice, notification features. You can also listen to music, watch videos and many more.

Its main class is its classic design, which some smartwatches lack. It’s a mixed design of traditional and modern smartwatches, which makes it more unique.Pros

  • Classic style Microphone
  • Fitness trackers
  • Large storage capacity


  • Lacks loudspeaker
  • Battery doesn’t last for long

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Everyone loves wearing a smartwatch that is comfortable and can be useful. The innovative smartwatch technology is increasing day by day that now includes the one with small wrists. If you have a small wrist, you can still fulfill your desire for a comfortable life and wearing a smartwatch.

We hope the list of the 8 best smartwatches for small wrist in 2021 helped you enough, and you can find a model that meets your needs. Best wishes!