How to Install Freeview on Firestick [Easy Method]

Freeview has its app on Android and iOS platforms but how you can get this app on Firestick?

Installing this app on Firestick is slightly tricky but I’m going to simplify the process and help you understand how you can easily install it.

Freeview on Firestick

So, How to Install Freeview on Firestick?

To install Freeview on Firestick, you have to:

Step 1: Open the “Settings” of Firestick and go to “My Fire TV > Developer Options”.

Step 2: Turn on “Apps from Unknown Sources”.

Step 3: Install “Downloader by Aftvnews” from the Amazon App Store.

Step 4: Launch the Downloader app,  type “” and then click on “Go”.

Step 5: Wait till the app is downloaded to your device.

Step 6: Once, the app is downloaded, click on the “Install” option.

Step 7: After the app is installed on your device, tap on “Done”.

Step 8: Finally, delete the file you have just downloaded in order to save some memory of your Firestick device.

And that it is.

Now, you will find the Freeview app on your Firestick in your apps list and you can start streaming anything you want.

If you want to know more about this app, just stay here for a few more minutes and you’ll get to everything about Freeview and how you can use it on Firestick.

Let’s get started.

What is Freeview anyway?

Freeview is UK’s digital terrestrial television service where you get to watch free local TV channels via Aerial. You can watch 70 live channels as well as on-demand content of up to 40,000 hours.

If you live in the UK and you don’t want to pay a monthly subscription fee to watch TV, you may have definitely heard about Freeview.

Freeview is a joint venture by giant companies i.e BBC and ITV. It is one of the best ways to watch free TV in the UK which gets delivered through Aerial and you don’t have to get a setup box or anything like that. Simply install the app and you are done.

How to install Freeview on Firestick via ES File Explorer

To install Freeview on Firestick via ES File Explorer, you have to:

Step 1: Type “ES File Explorer” on the search bar of Firestick.

Step 2: Select the right option and click on “Get” or “Download” to start downloading the app.

Step 3: Wait till the app is downloaded and tap on “Open” to launch the app.

Step 4: Click on the “Downloader” icon.

Step 5: Tap on “New” from the options.

Step 6: Enter this link “” in the “Path” and give any name to the file in the “Name” section and then click on “Download Now”.

Step 7: After downloading the app, click on “Open”.

Step 8: Next, tap on “Install” and follow the on-screen instructions to install the Freeview app.

If you don’t want to install the Downloader app for some reason, you can make use of ES File Explorer to install the Freeview app on your Firestick device.

I’m sure you may have already used or at least heard about ES File Explorer as it is quite a popular app for Android devices but a lot of people aren’t aware that they can use this app to install third-party apps.

Just follow these steps and you’ll get the Freeview app on Firestick in a few moments.

Note: You have to get the premium version of ES File Explorer which costs about $9.99 per month to use this feature.

Is Freeview Available on Firestick in the United States?

Unfortunately, no. Freeview isn’t available on Firestick for the residents of the United States but you can access it via a good VPN.

There is no straightforward method to access Freeview on your Firestick device If you are a resident of the United States as Freeview is officially available only for UK residents.

You have to get a good Virtual Private Network (VPN) in order to watch those channels on Firestick. Don’t worry If you don’t know which VPN you should opt for on Firestick as I have talked about it in detail below.

Best VPN to access Freeview outside of the UK

The best VPN to access Freeview outside of the UK is, ExpressVPN. It is among the highly-rated VPN with affordable pricing and top-notch features.

If you have searched for the best VPNs before I’m pretty sure that you may have come across ExpressVPN because it is quite popular for its services and pricing.

Their servers are located in over 100 countries and you can opt for any one of them as per your requirement.

In this case, you should select “UK” as your country to watch free TV on the Freeview app. The monthly plan for ExpressVPN starts at $13 and If you want to opt for a longer time such as 6 months or 1 year, the price is going to be much lower than this one.

Is Freeview available for Firestick devices?

Yes, Freeview is available for Firestick devices but you’ll have to sideload it instead of downloading it from the Amazon App Store.

Freeview app is officially available on Android and iOS devices, in fact, Freeview comes in-built with many Smart TVs available on the market these days.

Unfortunately, they haven’t released an app for Firestick or Fire TVs yet. In 2020, the Freeview team has already announced that they’ll release their app on Fire OS devices but there is no update about the same yet and I guess we’ll have to wait for some more time for that.

But there is no need to be sad about it as you can easily download and install this app on your Firestick device via Downloader as I have discussed above.

Pro Tip: After installing the Freeview app on your Firestick device, you should delete the downloaded file in order to save some memory of your Firestick.

What is Downloader on Firestick?

Downloader by Aftvnews is a multipurpose free app available for Firestick devices that you can use to install third-party applications in a single click or you can use this app as a web browser too.

To install any app which is officially not available on the Amazon App Store, you can make use of the Downloader app and you can install those apps with just a single click. All you need to have is the link to the file.

Yes, you read it. If you have the link to the app you want to download, you can get it with a single click via Downloader.

Apart from that, you can use this app as a web browser too and I can assure you that the browsing experience on this app is extremely smooth and that’s the reason a lot of people prefer this app for browsing over the default browser of Firestick i.e Amazon Silk.

Freeview app on firestick not working

If the Freeview app isn’t working on Firestick, you should simply restart your Firestick, and check If you have a stable internet connection if that doesn’t fix the issue, re-installing the app will fix the issue.

The Freeview app which you have on your Firestick device isn’t the official one and facing a few issues while using is not a surprise at all.

The easiest way to fix If Freeview won’t work on your Firestick is to restart your Firestick itself. If the problem is still there, make sure you have a strong internet connection by visiting in any web browser.

If the problem doesn’t go away even after that, you have to re-install the app by uninstalling it and most probably it’ll fix the issue.

best alternatives to Freeview

The best alternative to Freeview is Freevee and Pluto TV and both of them are officially available on the Amazon App Store.

If you didn’t like Freeview due to the lack of content or any other reasons, you can definitely give a try to these two options.

Freevee is built by Amazon itself that offers TV shows, Movies, and a bit of Live TV as well. Well, this is a fairly new app by Amazon but is worth taking a look for sure. It is currently available only in the US and UK and Amazon is planning to launch it in more countries in the future.

On the other, Pluto TV is a popular name when it comes to streaming live TV, movies, and TV shows and you can get the app from the official store itself. It is owned by Paramount Global, a giant company in the media industry.

I have recommended Pluto TV as a great app for streaming on Firestick on multiple times and I’m going to do the same here again as it has got a lot of stuff to offer which you shouldn’t miss.

Final Words:

Freeview is a great app for the residents of the UK to watch TV without spending anything however using this app on a big screen via Firestick is slightly tricky.

First, you have to enable the permission to install unknown apps on your Firestick device, next, install the Downloader app, and then finally you can easily install the Freeview app with just a click by pasting the link of the file.

If you learned How to Watch and Install Freeview on Firestick with this guide, I would appreciate your comment below If you have any questions to ask, do not hesitate to ask that and I’ll get back to you very soon. Cheers!