How to Install Live Net TV on FireStick (APK)

Live Net TV is an excellent app to watch movies without spending anything.

Most people use this app on their Android devices but is it possible to install this app on Firestick?

Yes, it is possible, and I’m going to provide you step-by-step process to do that in this article.

Live Net TV on FireStick

So, How to Install Live Net TV on FireStick?

Here are the steps you need to follow to install the Live Net TV on your Firestick.

Step 1: Launch the “home screen” and to go “Settings”.

Step 2: Tap on “My Fire TV” and then select “Developer Options”.

Step 3: Now, turn on “Apps from unknown sources”.

Step 4: Now, type “Downloader by AFTVnews” in the search bar of Firestick.

Step 5: Select the right option from the list and then download and install the app.

Step 6: Launch the “Downloader” app and type this link “” in the URL bar.

Step 7: Click on “Go” after entering the URL of the site.

Step 8: When the page is loaded completely, click on “Download for Fire TV” and the download will be started.

Step 9: Install the app by following the instructions you get on the screen.

Step 10: After installing the app, delete the file to save some memory of your Firestick device.

And that is how you get the Live Net TV on Firestick to watch live TV.

Let’s talk about using Live Net TV and a few other things that are surely going to help you.

Is Downloader necessary to install Live Net TV on Firestick?

Yes, Downloader is extremely necessary to install Live Net TV on Firestick as it is officially not available on the Amazon App Store.

If you already don’t know let me tell you that most of the popular apps are officially not available on the Amazon App Store due to restrictions or the developer didn’t release a version for Fire OS.

In this case, you have limited options to install your desired app on Firestick and one of the best ways to do that is, via Downloader. It is a really useful tool that you can use for two purposes i.e Downloading a file or browsing the internet.

Why To turn on Apps from unknown sources on Firestick?

By default, Firestick doesn’t allow you to install any apps other than Amazon App Store and when you are trying to install a third party, you must turn on this “Apps from unknown sources” Firestick setting.

As you are trying to download the Live Net TV from other sources, you have to turn on this setting, or else you won’t be able to download and install this app on your Firestick device.

Let’s move on to the main topic for which you have come here.

What is Live Net TV?

Live Net TV is one of the best apps to watch live TV on your Android and Firestick devices without spending anything from your pocket at all. This app offers over 800 channels in various categories and multiple languages.

A lot of people don’t want to spend their money to watch TV on a monthly basis and If you happen to be one of them, this app is made for you.

Live Net TV is one of those apps which you should not ignore If you want to save money and watch your favorite TV channels for free of cost.

This app may not be officially available for Firestick but you can easily get this app via Downloader as mentioned above.

Features of Live Net TV

Some of the Key features of Live Net TV are,

  • Offers over 800 channels.
  • Contents are available in various languages and categories.
  • Free of cost.
  • No signup.
  • Neat and clean UI.
  • High-quality streaming.
  • New channels are added on regular basis.
  • Supports external players like MX Player.
  • Request a channel.
  • Malware-free app.
  • Available on both Android and Firestick.

As you can see, this app is packed with loads of features, and once you start using Live Net TV, you will surely get to know a lot more features than these ones.

What type of channels do you get with Live Net TV?

Popular categories of channels you get on Live Net TV are,

  • Sports (150+).
  • Entertainment (200+).
  • News (100+).
  • Movies (80+).
  • Kids (30+).
  • Documentaries (10+).

Whether you are a sports enthusiast or a movie guy, Live Net TV has got you covered. If you want a channel that isn’t on their list, you can request their team and they’ll add the channel for you.

If you wondering whether this app is actually worth trying or not, here’s an overview of some of the pros and cons of this app.


  • Completely free to use.
  • Has a large number of channels to offer.
  • Can easily change the genres with easy navigation.
  • No sign-up is required to use the app.
  • Safe to use.


  • Ads might be irritating for some people.
  • The app gets stuck sometimes due to server issues.
  • Not available officially.

How to use Live Net TV on FireStick

Step 1: Launch the Live Net TV from your “home screen” or “All Apps List”.

Step 2: After launching the app for the very first time, you’ll be asked to “Grant Permission” to show ads in the app. Click on “Continue” and proceed.

 Step 3: Here’s what the home page of the app would look like. Click on your preferred choice of categories such as Entertainment, Sports, News, etc, and then select any channel from the list to watch them.

Step 4: If you couldn’t find your preferred channel from the list, you can make use of the “Search bar” from the top and then enter the name of the channel to find it.

Step 5: If you don’t like something about the app such as font style, hide countries, etc, you can always change the “Settings” of the app as per your requirements.

This is just an overview of how you can use the Live Net TV app on Firestick. Once you start using it for a long time, you will explore a lot more features for sure.

Is Live Net TV Apk Safe to Use?

Yes, Live Net TV is absolutely safe to use when you download it from reliable websites as they don’t offer apps with malicious code to inject your device and steal your personal data.

If you have downloaded the Live Net TV app from a trusted source, there is no need to be worried about your data while using the app as they are most probably malware-free and that’s why I have recommended the official website of the app to download it.

If you don’t know how to check the safety of the app, simply visit and enter the link of the file and check the results.

If the seems to be fine, go ahead and download the app, or else you may need to get it from somewhere else.

How to Integrate MX Player in Live Net TV on Firestick

To integrate MX Player in Live Net TV on Firestick, you have to:

  1. Open the “Downloader” app, and type this link “” to download MX Player.
  2. After the app is downloaded, click on “Install” and complete the process.

  3. Launch the “Live Net TV” app and click on “Settings”.
  4. Tap on “Video Player”.
  5. Finally, select “MX Player” and you are done.

MX Player is one of the best media players and it is a top choice for a lot of people. If you happen to be one of them, you can select MX Player as a default video player on the Live Net TV app and start streaming your favorite channel with MX Player.

How to Update Live Net TV on FireStick

To update Live Net TV on Firestick, all you have to do is, click on the “Update” button while launching the app and wait till the update is downloaded and installed on your device.

If you have got an “Update” option to Live Net TV on your Firestick device, just don’t ignore it. Developers release an update to their app so that their users can have the best experience and make sure there are no issues while running it.

Additionally, you also get a new set of features with the update, and it is highly recommended to stay up-to-date for privacy and security reasons.

How to Fix Live Net TV not working Firestick

If Live Net TV is not working Firestick, you have to:

  • Restart the app.
  • Clear the cache of the app.

Due to server or technical issues, Live Net TV may not work temporarily on your Firestick device and simply restarting the app will fix the error in most cases.

In case, restarting the app didn’t help you, you can try clearing the cache of the app.

If you don’t know how to clear the cache of Live Net TV on Firestick, follow these steps.

  • Open the “Settings” of the Firestick and tap on “Applications”.
  • Click on “Manage Installed Applications”.
  • Select “Live Net TV” from the list of apps.
  • Finally, tap on “Clear Cache” and you are done.

By clearing the cache of the app, you’ll get rid of all the temporary data of the app that’ll help you run the app smoothly without any lags.

If you are still facing some errors while running Live Net TV on Firestick, I would suggest you re-install the app and most probably, it’ll fix the issue.

Live Net TV Alternatives for Firestick

The best alternatives for Live Net TV for Firestick are,

  1. Pluto TV.
  2. Peacock TV.

1. Pluto TV

Pluto TV is a popular name when it comes to the free streaming apps on Firestick as it offers both Live TV and on-demand content for free of cost.

The Pluto TV app is officially available on Amazon App Store and using this app is pretty easy. Just download and install the app and start streaming your favorite channel without even registering on that platform.

Apart from Firestick, Pluto TV is available on Android, iOS, Roku, Web, and more.

 2. Peacock TV

Similar to Pluto, Peacock TV offers movies, TV shows, and a limited number of Live TV for free but you’ll have to register on their platform to access the contents.

If you want to access more than what is being offered on the free plan, you’ve to pay a monthly fee of $4.99 but it’ll be worth your money considering the quality content it offers.

Peacock TV is available on Firestick, Roku, Android, iOS, Xbox, PlayStation, Web, and a few other platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions:

 1. Is Live Net TV still working?

Yes, Live Net TV is working perfectly fine.

Unlike Mobdro which was shut down for some unknown reason, Live Net TV is working perfectly fine as usual.

2. Do I need a VPN for Live Net TV?

It is not necessary to use a VPN for Live Net TV but If you aren’t able to use it for reason, it is a good idea to use VPN.

Using a VPN is a good idea for streaming apps like Live Net TV when you can’t access it for any unknown reason but isn’t compulsorily to use all the time.

3. Does Live NetTV have ads?

Yes, Live Net TV does have ads in its app.

As you get everything for free on Live Net TV, they need a monetization method to support their work and that’s why you’ll find ads in their app.

Final Words:

Live Net TV is one of the best IPTV for Firestick that offers a huge list of channels without charging anything and installing this app will not take more than a couple of minutes.

Just enable the right setting and install the downloader app that will let you download the Live Net TV on your Firestick and that is it.

I hope you have learned the process of How to Install Live Net TV on FireStick with this helpful guide. If you didn’t understand something about the process, let me know in the comments and I’ll get back to your query ASAP. Cheers!